In socially stratified Bayport City in 2110, sixteen year old Joe Warner’s neighborhood is swarming with parasitic Bursting Wasps, which send each victim into a coma before tunneling out through their skin and killing them. When his dad is infected, Joe and his family are desperate for Raloxone, which at $20,000 per dose is out of reach. Then Joe sees an opportunity to make big money–by going up against the bullies from the privileged side of town in the citywide neurobotics competition. Desperate to win, Joe tricks Sarita Garland, a wealthy and sensitive girl, into loaning her hypnotic pet Puddle to serve as the brain in his fighting neurobot. Joe knows he will never return Puddle because all fighting neurobots are destroyed after the competition for safety. As the battles rage, Joe agonizes knowing that he hold Sarita’s wellbeing in his hands and that winning the prize money requires betraying her trust.



This Sci-Fi novel for young adults (YA) is COMING SOON.

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