Sixteen year old Joe Warner's dad is infected by deadly parasites and that's not just unfortunate. It's unfair.


There's a cure, Raloxone, but Joe's family can't afford the price-gouging of the pharma company that manufactures it across town.


Joe enters the citywide neurobotics competition for the prize money to save his dad, but his only chance at victory over his well-funded rivals is to take the hypnotic neuropet Puddle away from his unlikely new friend, Sarita Garland. She's a wealthy but traumatized girl who relies on Puddle to soothe her PTSD.


With Puddle serving as the brain in his fighting neurobot, Joe can hardly lose. But just winning the cash is not enough. He's burning to do something spectacular to tell everybody that his impoverished neighborhood won't be bullied.


As the neurobotics final battle rages, Sarita inches toward a nervous breakdown knowing that Puddle may be destroyed. Joe faces a no-win decision: Sacrifice Sarita in order to win justice, or let the rich district walk over him and his family for the rest of his life.



This sci-fi suspense novel for teenagers and young adults is COMING SOON.

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